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Several major factors for paper trays to replace plastic and foam packaging

 Paper-plastic paper trays are currently favored by many domestic and foreign companies. With their superior performance and environmental protection characteristics, they gradually replace the use of traditional packaging, and it is a general trend to replace traditional foam packaging in the future. Let’s explain in detail below.
Paper plastic paper tray
    1. The process technology is simple and practical, and there is basically no pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of cleaner production. Coupled with the high degree of localization of its equipment, it is very conducive to the popularization and promotion of the project. At present, many domestic paper tray manufacturers can achieve rapid mass production of paper tray packaging!
    2. Wide sources of raw materials and low cost. It mainly uses waste paper or annual herbaceous plant fiber pulp. The raw materials can be adapted to local conditions, and the raw materials can be obtained on the spot. It is inexhaustible and inexhaustible!
    3. Light weight, low recycling cost, and can be used repeatedly. It has good shock resistance and cushioning properties, and uses the suspension method to produce excellent adsorption, which can effectively protect the product from damage during transportation!
    4. From the production and use of dry pressed paper trays to the disposal of wastes, there is no pollution to the environment. The water consumption in the production process is small, no waste water is discharged, and environmental pollution is reduced!
    5. Pulp molded products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation, and good air permeability has unique benefits for the packaging of fresh products. The volume is small and can be stacked in storage, saving stacking space and transportation costs!
    6. According to the different requirements of users, the surface quality, color, graphics and other appearance elements of the product can be post-processed to meet the needs of product display. Various additives can be added according to customer requirements during pulping, and different types of paper tray packaging can be customized!
    Shenzhen Redex Technology is a large-scale paper blister, pulp molding, and paper tray manufacturer. It can undertake customized production of various types of paper tray packaging such as environmentally friendly paper trays, paper plastics, wet pressed paper trays, and dry pressed paper trays. Widely used in medical, mobile phone, electronics, toys, cosmetics and other industries!

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